Tiziano Albrigi Artisan in Verona

He lives and works in Verona, exactly on the slopes of Lessini Mounts.
Tiziano grows among water sources, fields and mountain profiles. In this natural environment he cultivates artistic streaks;
since childhood he aspired to be a painter.
He painted for some years, then to the color he flanked the sound: to canvases and easels added lutes. The passion spreads and from performer he became the creator. Later time arises his enthusiasm for antique furniture.

So he found his genesis, the triad “WOOD - COLOR - SOUND”:
three elements that guided always his life in which daily the best manifestation are Black Forest clocks with organ and rose window, and in whic music and color have the powerful voice of an inner song.

Why wood?

Tiziano Albrigi restores antique furnitures for 35 years.
He has built musical instruments (classic guitars and lutes).
He has designed the Rose Window of Cathedral for fir wood interiors and cathedral glasses.

Why color?

In all his works, in addition to the wood, there is the color.
In the clock faces of all Black Forest clocks.
Within Rose windows of Cathedral there is blown glass.
In the marquetry of eighteenth-century furnitures.

Why sound?

About Black Forest clocks with organ there is a real harmony of this instrument with multiple music.
Thank to his past as liutist and lute maker.

Watch the video to get an idea about Tiziano Albrigi's works

In that video you will see some of the most significant works by Tiziano Albrigi: three Rose windows of Cathedral of small, medium and large size from Gothic inspiration, normal Black Forest clocks and those with organ, a South-Tyrolean limelight painted.

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